Business Exploration

1 term or 1/2 credit

This course is for freshmen and sophomores who are interested in learning the basics about the business world. Students will obtain knowledge about being an informed consumer and understanding the work world. Content includes the study of current business issues, with an emphasis on business vocabulary. Students are taught about 21st Century ethics and social responsibilities. This course will prepare students for upper level business courses.


Essential Learnings

Career Exploration

  • Utilize Discover or another self/career exploration software program

  • Understand skills needed for first job

  • Understand procedures to acquire first job

Entrepreneurship/Business Management

  • Identify leadership skills

  • Create a mini-business plan


  • Be familiar with basic accounting terms

  • Be familiar with what a stock is and what the stock market is.


  • Understand the concept of opportunity cost and scarcity

  • Differentiate between needs and wants

  • Understand the economic cycle


  • Understand the concept of supply and demand

  • Identify marketing strategies

  • Understand basic marketing terms

Business Communications

  • Understand standard business communications

  • Be able to seek information from businesses using appropriate communications

  • Practice correct aspect of speaking

Legal, Social, and Ethical Responsibility

  • Familiarize him/herself with current events that relate to the business world

  • Understand the concept of green products

  • Be acquainted with the concept of ethics in business