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 The Town of Palisade, Colorado was named after the steep, beautiful, yet barren formations north of the town, known as the palisades (see picture below). Palisades usually border a river, in this case the Colorado River, which borders the eastern and southern ends of the town. The palisades north of the town are made up of Mancos Shale (formed by the deposit of fine silt from the Mancos Sea during the Crustaceous Period) and capped with a layer of Mesaverde Sandstone. The Town of Palisade was established in 1904, which marks the birth of Palisade High School . Although the school has moved a few times in the last century, it currently sits in an area that is very conducive to lots of hands on learning. Directly south of the school is an outdoor classroom equipped with two ponds, a trail system, auditorium style benches and white board, a wide variety of vegetation and wildlife species, and an astronomical observatory. The outdoor classroom also has access to the Colorado River and a town park (The River Bend Park). Teachers use the Outdoor Classroom for a variety of teaching and learning opportunities within the various science curriculumns offered at PHS. The 2007-2008 school year marks the first year that International Baccalaureate courses have been offered at Palisade High. The IB program is an intensive program designed to develop a worldly student that will give a higher level of preparation towards post secondary education and beyond. Currently, PHS offers two IB Science courses, Biology and Chemistry. Along with the IB Science program, PHS offers an Integrated Science program that prepares students in all of the science disciplines and gives students knowledge of how different disciplines of science interact with one another.

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