Business Management (Entrepreneurship)

Prerequisite:  None, Grades 11-12

Credit:            1 term or 1/2 credit        


This course develops an understanding of business management operations, explores entrepreneurship by developing a business plan and introduces other careers in business. It covers areas in economics, finance, ethics, international opportunities and positive employer-employee relationships. Strong emphasis is placed on leadership, communications, and managing human resources. The course covers issues pertinent to starting and/or owning a business.


Essential Learnings


Roles of an Entrepreneur

  • Understand leadership and management qualities
  • Understand how the economy is dependent upon entrepreneurship and small business ownership
  • Understand the concepts of supply and demand, society trends, opportunity costs, and local economic development

Developing Your Business

  • Develop a business plan that incorporates the elements of planning, accounting, legality, marketing, and human resources
  • Understand the key elements of international business
  • Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of different forms of business ownership

Use of Mentors and the Community

  • Students will interact and research with members of the business community
  • Students will present their business plan to be evaluated by professionals


  • What are essential leadership and management skills?
  • What entrepreneurial attitudes and ways of thinking lead to success?
  • What is the role of entrepreneurs and small business ownership in our economy?
  • How does entrepreneurship contribute to the economics way of thinking?
  • What are the four functions of management and how do they relate to your business?
  • How does an individual research and determine the trends in the marketplace?
  • What basic legal understanding does an entrepreneur need to begin a business such as intellectual property rights, local codes and zoning laws?
  • What are the three legal formations for a business?
  • How does the selection of my company name, logo, and location affect the marketing of my product/service?
  • Do I understand the importance of how to create a business plan including goals, objectives, cash flow, and other accounting documents to show success of my business?