Personal Finance

Grades 11-12
1 Semester, ½ Credit

(meets the graduation requirement for financial literacy)


This course emphasizes life-long decision-making skills in financial management.  The individual’s role and financial responsibilities as student, citizen, family member, consumer and employee will be covered.  Topics will include budgeting, banking, credit, insurance and investments.  Internet opportunities will be provided for students to explore additional useful information, and students will  participate in a stock market simulation.  Using technology, mathematics and financial analysis will be a strong component of this course.

Essential Learnings

  1. Economic”  Way of Thinking:   Can you use cost-benefit analysis and apply a rational decision-making model to the choices you make as a citizen, employer, and consumer.
  2. Earning a Living: Can you identify various forms of income and analyze factors that affect income as a part of the career decision-making process?
  3. Finances and Budgeting: How do you develop and evaluate a spending/plan?
  4. Saving and Investing: How do you evaluate savings and investment options and create a personal financial plan to meet short-and long term goals?
  5. Financial Institutions: Can you identify a variety of financial institution and related services?
  6. Using Credit: Can you identify and analyze factors that affect the choice of credit and the cost of using credit?
  7. Risk Management:  Can you identify resources that will help you protect your personal assets and wealth?