Business Work Experience (Work - Class)

Grades 11-12
     1 Semester, ½ Credit (per 60 hours work)
     Prerequisite: (See Business Ed Pathways) and Teacher Approval


Classroom instruction supplements on-the-job experience and enhances job skills such as 10-key calculator, filing procedures, and telephone practices using a variety of business technology/software and office machines. Advanced students may complete desktop publishing and other computer or job-related projects.

Business Work Experience students can earn a salary and earn credits at the same time. This course is for students who have satisfactorily completed appropriate business courses and are working in a position related to one of the business pathways.

Essential Learnings

  1. Biographical Information:  What are some aspects of my personality, temperament and multiple intelligences?
  2. Career Planning:  How do I use Discover, other Internet resources as well as guest speakers and career interviews to foster my career planning?
  3. Employment:  What tools and tips are available to improve my ability to obtain employment?
  4. Communications and the World Beyond:  What are good listening, e-mail and telephone skills as well as current events and workplace issues?
  5. Motivation:  What is leadership and success and how do teenagers prepare for the real world?
  6. Basic Skills and Competencies:  How will Key Train help me be successful on the ACT Work Keys Test?
  7. Workplace Standards: How do I use the 5 Workplace Standards in life, school and work?
  8. Employment:  How will on the job experience help me plan and make decisions for my future?